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Nature Research Ecology & Evolution Community

Nature Research Ecology & Evolution Community

During the time of writing, its June 2019, and I intend to submit my PhD thesis in 2 months…yes, in 2 months!

The past 36 months have actually flown by also it may seem like an age since I have was a student that is msc the cold-blooded cognition lab, during the University of Lincoln, investigating exactly just just how simple variations in incubation environment can influence bearded dragons.

As a new faced undergraduate, we first talked to Anna Wilkinson (my MSc research supervisor) about possible tasks that i'd like doing. I experienced envisioned monkeys. I did son’t know with what ability, but We knew that i needed to complete something with monkeys.

I finished up working together with lizards…in hindsight this is a blessing.

First of all bearded dragons are awesome. Initially from Central Australia, bearded dragons are a social types of lizard that have their title from their big beard, which turns black that is dark these are typically aggravated and/or horny.