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Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

Student funds and loans are meant for pupils that are their studies at e.g. College university, college or vocational college. If you're older than 20, you are able to submit an application for pupil funds and loans for studies at compulsory and top additional degree at Komvux (adult training university) or people senior school.

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Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

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The mortgage you need to pay off. You are able to elect to use entirely for the grant, if you don't want to just just take away a loan. The mortgage has a reduced interest and will not need any protection, and you're able to repay it over a period that is long. In 2019, the attention price is 0.16 %.

Measurements of funds and loans it is possible to get

How big is the funds and figuratively speaking you can e. G receive depends. On

  • Your price of research (full-time or part-time)
  • The amount of days you may be studying for
  • How big your earnings.
Funds and student education loans, 2020 (examples for various amounts of months)


2 715

10 860

54 300

Other funds and loans that one may make an application for

Some pupils can get more grants or borrow more income.